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Biography of Mark Wayne Felhofer

Born on 1 February 1955, to Wayne and Barbara Felhofer, Mark was a military brat. Born in France, where his father was staitoned with the US Army, he moved to many places. He lived in Chicago, St Louis, Fort Ord, CA, Fort Lee, VA, Fort Hood, TX and also in Orleans, France. Finally, when his father retired from the US Army, he moved to San Antonio, TX.

Mark attended Walter Krueger Junior High, and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1973. In June of 1973, Mark enlisted in the US Navy. He went to RTC Orlando, FL for basic training. After succesfully completing basic, he was assigned to NATTC, NAS Memphis, TN, where he attended AMH "A" school . (Aviation Structural Mechanic, Hydraulics). In November of 1973 he was assigned to VT-28 (TRARON 28) at NAS Corpus Christi, TX. Upon completion of a 4 year tour, Mark re-enlisted(July 1977) for orders to CV-63, USS Kitty Hawk, homeported at NAS North Island, CA. While attatched onboard CV-63, he was assigned to the Ships COD Crew. The COD was a C-1A Carrier Onboard Delivery aircraft. Mark served as a Flight Crew Plane Captain (FCPC) Mark survived over 100 carrier landings, at the hands of qualified pilots, on the Kitty Hawk. During two (2) WestPac deployments, the COD Crew was disembarked and sent TAD to VRC-50 in NAS Cubi Point, RP. In July 1980, Mark recieved orders to VRC-50, NAS Cubi Point, RP. While attached to VRC-50, AMH2 Felhofer was advanced to AMH1. While at VRC-50, he flew as crewman on the C-1A Trader; C-2A Greyhound[never was designated in the C-2A, thank you]; US-3A Viking, a.k.a. Miss Piggy; CT-39E Sabreliner[a per diem maker] and the C-130F Hercules as a loadmaster. Mark Felhofer has logged over 3,341.7 flight hours in various Naval aircraft during his career. Mark is a Viet-Nam Era vet by law, however, never served in theatre. Also a Persian Gulf Vet, serving on board USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) with VS-37 from Nov 92 thru Mar 93. Awarded Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, SWASM and Kuwait Liberation Medal (Govt of Kuwait).
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VT-28 CV-63 VRC-50 VS-37

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During the course of his 11 year PSC tour and the months of TAD duty to VRC-50, Mark participated and coached a multitude of sports. Championships in Basketball, Softball, Flag Football, both intramural and at the varsity level, were achieved. VRC-50 had a well respected athletics program throughout the Subic Bay and Clark AB areas. He coached and played on many succesfull softball teams in the local bar league. Mariposa's and Cordon Blue, coached by Roger Rohwedder. A later version of Mariposa's, coached by Red Spatz. Mark, with alot of help from Mike Neel and Gary Hicks, formed the T's Tavern Softball Club, also Dynamite Jacks. He played on the original IRISH ROSE, a team formed for tournament play by Barry Trudeau. Many other tourney teams (The Simpsons and The Clash) to name a few. He was a 5 time member of the NAS Cubi Flyers Varsity Softball Team and a 3 time coach of the same.

After a sucessful tour, in terms of non-military things-he received orders to VS-37,

at NAS North Island. This was because he un-volunteered for flight duty. Yes, he did it right on the flightline, just before he was to make a 4 day trip down to the VRC-50 det in Deigo Garcia. He left the Philippines for the last time on January 10, 1991, from Manila International, where he also consumed his last San Miguel--not counting the 4 cases he shipped in his pack-out!!.

Mark did his final 2 and a half years in agony, in VS-37. And yet another WestPac on the Kitty Hawk (CV-63). Once again, he did not work to much in his rate (AMH), as he was assigned to be the DCPO for the command. And of course--the traditional 1st LT LPO--for those who will not make CPO and are close to fleet reserve eligibility. Once deployed, he was sent TAD to the Ships Security Department, where he was a Watch Captain for the Security Division of CV-63.

AMH1 Felhofer was transfered to the Fleet Reserve on 1 May 1993. Petty Officer Felhofer is married to the former Carolina G. Maure, of the Republic of the Philippines. They have two(2) daughters, Jennifer and Jessica .

Mark graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio on December 18, 1999, and has used up his entire GI Bill benefit entitlement in the process. Total amount received: $36,567.00 ps. Mark has made arreseted landings on the following carriers: CVT-16, CV-41, CV-43, CV-61, CV-62, CV-63, CV-64, CVN-65, & CVN-70 for a total of 304.

Centurion onboard CV-63 with 114 traps...

Centurion onboard CV-41 with 103 traps...

CVT-16=2 CV-61=2 CV-62=1 CV-64=20 CVN-65=7 CV-43=12 CVN-70=43

Time in C-130F was 566.9 hrs--NATOPS Qualed as a Loadmaster

Time in US-3A was 1544.6 hrs--NATOPS Qualed as a FCPC

Time in TS-2A/US-2B was 93.9 hrs--NATOPS Qualed as Utility Crewman

Time in C-1A was 323.5 hrs--NATOPS Qualed as FCPC

Time in CT-39E was 680.9 hrs--NATOPS Qualed as IFPC

Time in C-2A was 125.7 hrs--Never qualified--after VRC-50 got rid of C-1As, had to fly these until I got orders to US-3A

Time in C-131 was 3.6 hrs--just for flight time

Time in H-46 was 2.6 hrs--just for flight time

NECs held: 8241, 8258, 8278, 8301, 9588, 8245, 8259


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I served under these former POWs while attached to VRC-50
Captain C. N. James (CO VRC-50 Aug 76 - Aug 78) and Captain C. N. Tanner (CO VRC-50 Oct 80 - Nov 82)



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Biography of Mark W Felhofer
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