Life and Times in the U. S. Army During WWII

Ordnance Department

October 1942 --- November 1945

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dad in 1943

Born in 1924 in the town of Marshfield, Wisconsin, he grew up like most young men of his time. Completing and graduating high school, Wayne soon joined the U.S Army. Enlisting on 28 October 1942, at the age of 18 years, he now joined the war effort just as most of America's other young men were doing. He enlisted in Milwaukee, a nearby "big" city. He proceeded to Fort Sheridan for further processing into the Army. Fort Sheridan was a Reception Unit, basically admistrative type activities were accomplished here proir to transfer to a Replacement Training Center (RTC). In early November of 1942 he boarded a train for the long journey to the Ordnance Replacement Training Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland. Private Felhofer was selected for service in the Army Ordnance Department and training in basic military subjects and ordnance related fields. He spent the better part of 4 months at APG. In April of 1943, PVT Felhofer began his journey to the European Theatre of Operations (ETO). He first arrived at the Personnel Replacement Depot located near Shenango, PA. He spent his time here receiving various medical examinations and imunizations needed before he could be shipped out overseas. PVT Felhofer then proceeded to Camp Shanks , a staging area for those about to make the trip across the Atlantic. Men would remain here until the vessel taking them overseas was ready for embarkation. Sometime after May 26, 1943, Wayne made the trip from Camp Shanks to the docks at New York. This was known as New York Port of Embarkation (NYPE). He boarded and made the trip on the HMS Queen Mary, an ocean liner from Brittain, used to move large amounts of men to the ETO and to England. On or about June 2, 1943, he arrived in Scotland. The HMS Queen Mary anchored out in the Tail of the Bank, Firth of Clyde, and then offloaded the men by using smaller tenders to Greenock. From Greenock, he boaded a train to Lichfield . The 10th Replacement Depot was located here. PVT Felhofer spent only a day at Lichfield. He was then assigned to the 313th Ordnance M.T. Depot Company (Q), APO 875.

SGT Felhofer in England, 1944

PVT Felhofer and the 313th Ordnance Depot Company(new designation by order of EBS, ETOUSA) soon relocated to Rushden, England. Rushden was the location of the Ordnance Depot, O-646. This was near to the town of Northampton. He would spend about 9 months here prior to relocating once again to the Southampton area for the trip across the English channel and to Normandy. While at Rushden, Wayne was promoted to PFC, CPL, and then SGT. Sometime in May 1944 his unit relocated to Southampton and awaited the word to cross the channel. On D+30, Wayne crossed the channel and arrived on UTAH beach. The fighting was some 10-13 miles inland(estimated). The 313th Ord Depot Co. camped somewhere near St. Mere Eglise. At this time SGT Felhofer and the 313th were attached to the 1st U.S. Army.

dad and the 313th

On August 1, 1944, the 3rd U.S. Army was activated under General George S. Patton. The 313th Ordnance Depot Company now was a part of the 3rd Army. An Ordnance Depot Company was a storage point for vehicle parts and maintained a motor pool for company vehicles. This unit was located at the rear lines. SGT Felhofer and the 313th were to follow Patton's 3rd Army across France and into Germany. Soon after the breakout from the beach head at Normandy, the 313th relocated to Rennes, France. I do not know how long the unit was in Rennes before moving up to St. Dizier and then to Montmedy. Sometime in March 1945, SGT Felhofer went to Antwerp, Brussels. SGT Felhofer remained in France until approximately April 9, 1945. Wayne Felhofer was promoted to S/SGT on 14 August 1945. After a long 9 months travelling across France the unit made it into Germany and was located in Frankfurt, Wuerzburg and Kitzigen. On 12 September 1945, S/SGT Felhofer was transfered to the 252nd Ordnance M.M. Company for demobilization and the the trip back home. He was back into France on the 20th of September and most likely made the normal stops at a Camp near Reims (not confirmed) and then to another staging area near Marseille. He departed the ETO and France on or about 1 November 1945 onboard the Victory Ship S.S. City College of New York(not confirmed yet as there was another Victory Ship that departed the same day). He arrived at the NYPE on 12 November, went to Camp Shanks and by train to Fort Sheridan and finally to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin for separation from the U.S. Army on 17 November 1945.

During his service in the United States Army, Ordnance Department, during World War II, S/SGT Wayne W. Felhofer was awarded the following:

Army Good Conduct Medal

American Campaign Medal

European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 5 campaign stars

World War II Victory Medal

Army of Occupation Medal

These are S/SGT Felhofer's ribbons and badges earned in World War II

Sharpshooter Badge with Rifle Bar
Driver and Mechanic Badge with Driver Bar
4 Overseas Service Bars


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The Army Service Forces; The Technical Services; The European Theater of Operations;
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