Life and Times in the U. S. Army after WWII (1948-1960)

Quartermaster Corps

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After the end of WWII, Wayne William Felhofer returned to his hometown of Marshfield, Wisconsin. It seems the excitement of being a salesman did not quite meet his expectations. So after an extended period as a civiliam, Wayne rejoined the U.S. Army once again. On July 7, 1948, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, he made the Army his career once again. Given the rank of SGT, he reported to Fort Knox, Kentucky. He was assigned to the 3rd Armd Division. He was processed and was a student for about a month. He was then assigned to Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky. Now apart of the 101st Airborne Division. The Camp conducted infantry training. SGT Felhofer was a Supply NCO for the division. Then in 1949 was a clerk typist. The following are the specific assignments: B-65, 3rd ARMD DIV, Fort Knox; A-2, 3rd ARMD DIV, Fort Knox; C-506th 101st ABN DIV, Camp Breckinridge; 2108th Tran, 101st ABN DIV, Camp Breckinridge. SGT Felhofer was reassigned to Fort Dix, New Jersey to the HQ Company, 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division. While awaiting assignment, SGT Felhofer was attached to Hvy Mtr Company 39th Infantry Regiment. He then was assigned as Operations NCO and Supply NCO for the 60th Inf Regt. In April 1950 he was assigned as Supply NCO(S-4)Co. HQ, 60th Inf Regt. On 16 December 1950 SGT Felhofer was promoted to Sergeant First Class.

Sometime in early 1951, SFC Felhofer was assigned to the Quatermaster Corps. In 1952 SFC Felhofer was assigned overseas, returning to France. He went to Camp Kilmer in New Jersey before going overseas. He was attached to the 541st QM C & GS Depot in Periqueux, France. This unit was apart of the 7th U.S. Army. He would remain in France unitl October 1955. Upon return to the United States, he was assinged to the HQ, Military District, Illinois, Chicago, Ill.as Senior Supply Clerk. In 1958 MSG Felhofer was assigned to the XI Corps, St Louis, MO. While with XI Corps, he was Chief Clerk for Plans and Operations Branch. Korea was the next stop for MSG Felhofer, assigned to 8th Army, 2nd Logistics Command. This unit was located at Seoul Area Command, which I believe is present day Yongsan.

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MSG Felhofer was awarded the following during this time period of service:

National Defense Medal

These are MSG Felhofer's ribbons and badge earned in his career to date

Expert Badge with Rifle Bar
Driver and Mechanic Badge with Driver Bar