Life and Times in the U. S. Army 1960-1967
**Fort Lee, Virgina...Orleans, France...Saigon, RVN**


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After his tour in Korea, MSG (E7) Felhofer returned to the United States and to Fort Ord in California. His unit would soon be relocated to Fort Lee in Virginia. His unit was the 2nd Logistics Command. MSG Felhofer was with the 2nd Log from September 1960 until February 10, 1964. During his tour he served as General Supply Supervisor, Assistant Logistical Sergeant and finally Command Sergeant Major. He served as CSM from May 1962 until February 1964. During this tour Wayne Felhofer was promoted to MSG (E8) and SGM (E9). SGM Felhofer was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service and performance of duty while assigned to 2nd Log Cmd.

SGM Felhofer in Viet Nam, 1967

Orleans, France
After a highy succesful tour, SGM Felhofer was to be assigned to the 3rd Logistics Command, Orleans, France, however he was selected to be the COMZ Sergeant Major instead. So in 1964 he made it back to France once again. COMZ was located in Orleans, France. SGM Felhofer would remain in France until French President DeGaulle requested a rapid removal of U.S. Forces.
Viet Nam
Upon leaving France, SGM Felhofer was assigned to Fort Hood, Texas. This was the location for a build up for his next unit prior to being sent to Vietnam. In 1966, SGM Felhofer found his way to the U.S. Army Support Command, Saigon. He would remain in Vietnam until 1967. SGM Felhofer requested and was approved for retirement. He was retired as of July 1, 1967.

SGM Felhofer was awarded the following during this time period of service:

Army Commendation Medal
Vietnam Service Medal with 1 campaign star
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

These are SGM Felhofer's ribbons and badge earned in his career to date

Expert Badge with Rifle Bar
Driver and Mechanic Badge with Driver Bar

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