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In the proud tradition that was continued in the establishment "The Final Approach," located in beautiful downtown Angeles City,(new information received from a real USAF pilot indicates this tradition began in yet another bar, The Tennessee Club) in which a velcro Flight Suit name tag was donated and placed on the wall of the bar. This page is a testamonial to all former, and even current, members of the Aircrew community that have been stationed in the world famous squadron of VRC-50 or any of the other VRC squadrons. All AIRCREW who email me can be placed on the "Wall Of Honor". Traditions such as this deserve accurate historical facts. Thus I encourage any corrections and new info. Those who are in the know sober up and send me the information.


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Some Aircrew party photos
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In memory of fallen aviators


Charlie Joseph's : NAVAL AVIATION page

Aircraft Loadmaster Page

photo provided by Carter Dewey, C2 Aircrewman

More on the C-1A


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