Command background of NAWMU-1

I'd like to let you know that of another Tenant Command of NAS Cubi Point. It was Naval Airborne Weapons Maintenance Unit ONE (NAWMU-1). We were located in the Naval Magazine, with our Main Test Site/Admin building just up the hill from MOMAG Unit NINE, but attached as a Tenant Command of NAS Cubi Point. We received Personnel and Administrative/Logistical Support from NAS Cubi Point (BEQ, Medical, Dental, etc.) As far as I can recall, the unit/command was founded in the early 1970's, right after the end of our involvement in Vietnam. Prior to fall, 1988, we were known as either Mobile Missile Maintenance Unit ONE (MMMU-1) or Missile Maintenance Unit ONE (MMU-1), a detachment of Commander, Fleet Air Western Pacific (COMFAIRWESTPAC). In the fall of 1988, we became an independent command, with a Commanding/Executive Officer in lieu of an Officer in Charge. I am a Plankowner of NAWMU-1 and was unit/command Yeoman from November 1987-November 1989. When I left, we had 2 Officers, 1 Command Chief, approximately 30 enlisted members, approximately 20 Filipino civilian employees and approximately 3 U.S. Civilian employees attached from the Pacific Missile Test Center Detachment in Cubi Point. After the base closed in 1992, the unit was moved to Naval Magazine, Guam, where it remains to this day.

David S. McKay