The Missouri Bar

#32 Gordon Avenue
Olongapo City, RP

The Missouri Bar was initially located outside the gate of Sangley Point Naval Station, Cavite City. It relocated to Gordon Avenue after the base at Sangley Point was closed down. I believe it was in 1971. When I first visited the Missouri Bar, it was with a member of the CV 63 C-1A COD Crew. He had made a previous Westpac and Missouri Bar was his hangout. The date was December 24, 1977. Christmas Eve, no curfew on this night. I met Jess Moran, the owner of the Missouri Bar. Around midnight, we went to his house and ate and had some beers. This was to be my main hang out during my over 11 years of being station ditto and all of the TAD time. The Missouri Bar was primarily a VP hangout, but like all bars, when the aircraft carriers pullled in, the welcome mat went out. I was lucky, I was sent TAD to VRC-50, got a ration card, barracks room and for the most part, was treated just like a "station ditto." Much better than a "fleety" was treated

I will be posting my collection of photos here in the near future, so stay tuned.

Here are 2 photos from 1978 in front of the Missouri Bar.

Mark and Jerry

Eleanor and ???