SGT.MAJ., United States Army, Retired

My dad does not talk of his time in the Army very often. I am attempting to get
any little bit of history from him and it may take some time.
World War II...(ETO) European Theatre of Operations
Left the US on the QE, arriving in Scotland, road trains to staging areas in England
was assigned to a Replacement Company and then assigned to the 313th Ordnance Depot Company
arrived in France, Nornmandy, on D + 30. (July 6, 1944). Unit: 313th Ordnance Depot Company . Rank: ?
made it across France and Germany, left from France to return to US in Sept/Oct of 1945.

Was attached to an HQ (being researched)

being researched

Korean War Campaigns

Campaign                      Inclusive Dates
U.N. Defensive                June 27-Sept. 15, 1950
U.N. Offensive                Sept. 16-Nov. 2, 1950
CCF Intervention              Nov. 3, 1950-Jan. 24, 1951
First U.N. Counter Offensive  Jan. 25-April 21, 1951
CCF Spring Offensive          April 22-July 8, 1951
U.N. Summer-Fall Offensive    July 9-Nov. 27, 1951
Second Korean Winter          Nov. 28, 1951-April 30, 1952
Korea, Summer-Fall 1952       May 1-Nov. 30, 1952
Third Korean Winter           Dec. 1, 1952-April 30, 1953
Korea, Summer 1953            May 1-July 27, 1953

                                CCF = Chinese Communist Forces
Note: These are the Army campaign designations. Other services vary in some of their titles and dates. A bronze-colored service star was awarded for each campaign credit, or a silver service star for every five campaigns.

Service members who participated in at least one airborne or amphibious assault landing are entitled to wear an arrowhead on the ribbon or bar.

SGT. MAJ. Wayne W. Felhofer ,U.S.A., Retired