Help Us Identify These Foo Dogs

the BOYS
Use this as an example....this is Bill Christensen, John Weikum, Mark Felhofer and Ken Biell
celebrating the return of the White Hat or Dixie Cup, in our office in Schedules, OPS dept.
circa 1981

Who are we
CV-34 U.S.S. Oriskany Detachment from Nov 27, 1973 to 25 Feb, 1974

Left to Right:

AMH1 C. Trejo - AK2 A. T. Dajero - ADR2 J. Boutin - ADJAN M. E. Davis - ADJAN L. A. Babb - AE3 H. T. Hodges - AMSAN B. R. Shurbutt

ADJAN C. T. Nelson - AT3 H. C. Curry - ADC Al Polk - LT D. C. Archer - LT E. C. Dunham - LTjg W. J. Cooper - PRAN G. L. Hoobler - AZ3 A. S. Schenck

identifications by Harlan Smith and Mel Davis