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This site is dedicated to the hard working, dedicated men, who kept the C-1A TRADERS in the air

C.O.D. == Carrier Onboard Delivery == Delivering mail, cargo and personnel to all carriers at sea.

AMH2(NAC) Mark W Felhofer
Name Tag
CV-63 C-1A COD Crew
I reported in July 1977, in a DIFCREW status, to the C-1A COD Crew on Kitty Hawk (CV 63)
Assigned to the IM2 division of AIMD.
Work Center 100
Deployed on 2 Westpacs: October 1977 --- April 1978 & May 1979 ---- February 1980: both cruises the C-1A was
off loaded and the crew was ordered TAD to VRC-50 at NAS Cubi Pt. RP.
C-1A Patch

AMH3(NAC) John "Chris" Worsencroft
C-1A COD Crew on Ranger (CV 61)
From: April 1976 until July 1979

AD3 Ed Lecco
CV-64 USS Constellation C-1A COD Crew
From: Dec 1980 - June 1983

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