The 1980s

Marty Schrott, AE

c-130 loadmaster
reluctant wittness to the c-130 rolling into the ditch at kadena

AMH2(NAC) Mark W. Felhofer

arrived in VRC-50 in December 1977
TAD from the USS Kitty Hawk. The CV-63 COD Crew was disembarked
and was supported by VRC-50
He detached from VRC-50 in April 1978

In July of 1979, AMH2(NAC) Felhofer once again, with the COD Crew,
was sent TAD to VRC-50 until February of 1980

AMH2(NAC) Felhofer reported to VRC-50, PCS, in August of 1980

AMH1(AW/NAC) Felhofer departed VRC-50 in January 1991

Marks time in VRC-50 spanned 3 decades, 70s, 80s, and 90s.
Mark attended the 1995 and 1997 reunions
Mark has no life, thats why he does all of this webpage stuff

AD2 Stanley F. Denkinger

PCS 80 to 83
I was a C-2a loadmaster... Loadmaster/instructor/ NATOPS evaluator
I did two I.O. dets....Midway, and Ranger (had to take over for Defevers, he
couldn't handle the pressure....just kidding John). Was roommates with the
Famous Jim Steele. Notable experiances....being sent TAD to VR-24 in Sig. to
show them how the big boys played taught them how to drink from the "Boot"