The 1970s

Rich Ruyle: awaiting his input

AMH2(NAC) Mark W. Felhofer arrived in VRC-50 in December 1977
TAD from the USS Kitty Hawk. The CV-63 COD Crew was disembarked
and was supported by VRC-50
He detached from VRC-50 in April 1978

In July of 1979, AMH2(NAC) Felhofer once again, with the COD Crew,
was sent TAD to VRC-50 until February of 1980

AMH2(NAC) Felhofer reported to VRC-50, PCS, in August of 1980

AMH1(AW/NAC) Felhofer departed VRC-50 in January 1991

Marks time in VRC-50 spanned 3 decades, 70s, 80s, and 90s.
Mark attended the 1995 and 1997 reunions
Mark has no life, thats why he does all of this webpage stuff